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Our new family member is both diminutive and regal. Macduff rules the roost at our house.
John & Peggy
Ozzie has been such a joy in our lives. He fills our lives and we are especially delighted that he doesn't affect our allergies! Thanks for all your help.
Rob & June
Thanks so much for our baby Remy and for taking such good care of her.
Michelle & Charlie
Thank you so much for Teddy and your love and care for him. You are all very special people.
Lils has fit in very well
with our family. She is a
very good dog.
Caitlin, Coleen & Doug
  Pepper is a very smart, loving and full of fun puppy. My veterinarian says that she is a very strong, sturdy and healthy puppy. Once again thank you for my little girl pepper who is the sunshine of my life.
Hi, Kim! My name is Tracy B. and Claudette R. is my sister. She and her husband picked up one of your wonderful puppies a few years ago and that dog has really made their lives more fun! I entered Casey's picture in Pet of the Month in our Community Magazines, 40 magazines that go to over 200,000 households in Calgary every month! And guess who got the cover (as if anyone could actually resist) ... you wouldn't believe all the great comments we got on that cover (and how many people were wanting to advertise especially if they could get that dog ....).
Just wanted to let you know that McDuff is a "Terrific Terrier". Jennie could not have picked a better puppy. He is a good sleeper, a good eater, a good player and quite easy to train. He only barks when he thinks its necessary, his only downfall ........... He is a sock thief. We find socks hiddened everywhere in the house. I think we can get therapy for that. We love McDuff to pieces. A Westie was a good choice. Keep up the good breeding.
Charlene John and Jennie
Molly is such an awesome addition to our family, Differ and her are the best of buddies. She is so smart and so affectionate we cannot tell how pleased we are with her. Thank you again for our Little White Angel.
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